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Existing Patch Advancements Empty Existing Patch Advancements

on Mon Oct 15, 2018 2:13 pm
Whilst the Farming guild introduces various new sections with new crops, there are particular patches in-game that there were also like to utilise by building new crops for you to raise.

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Dragonfruit Trees - Demands 81 Farming

Dragonfruit woods can be grown in Fruits tree patches around Gielinor. The seeds are tradeable and are rarely obtained by nests, boss drops as well as by completing Farming Contracts. Dragonfruit trees have the same growth time frame as other fruit woods and give the following Farming knowledge; 140 XP for sowing, 17, 335 XP regarding checking its health and 60 to 70 XP for harvesting.

Growing a Dragonfruit tree provides Dragonfruit, a new food item that will either be eaten to be able to heal 10 hitpoints or perhaps they can be baked into Dragonfruit pies at 73 preparing. Dragonfruit pies heal 12 hitpoints per serving and gives a temporary Fletching boost regarding +4.

In addition to being a useful stat-boosting food, 10 Dragonfruit may be squeezed into a vial for making bottled Dragon Breath. This could be used to fully charge the particular Dragonfire shield and related shields instantly.

White Lily - Requires 58 Gardening
White lily can be harvested in flower patches all around Gielinor. The seeds are simply just dropped by the Hespori, however are tradable. White lily gets the same growth time because other flowers and gives the next Farming experience; 42 XP for planting and two hundred and fifty XP for harvesting.

Whenever fully grown, a bloom patch with White lily in it will protect all kinds of crops in adjacent order patches.

Potato Catci -- Requires 64 Farming
Spud cacti can be grown within cactus patches around Gielinor. The seeds are tradeable and are rarely obtained by way of nests, boss drops or maybe by completing Farming Contracts. Eliminato cacti take 70 short minutes to fully grow and give the next Farming experience; 68 XP for planting and sixty-eight XP for harvesting. Using the introduction of Potato cacti seeds, Potato cacti can be removed from the Nightmare Region reward shop.

Snape Lawn - Required 71 Producing
Snape grass can be developed in allotment patches about Gielinor. The seeds are generally tradeable and are rarely received through nests, boss falls or by completing Farming Agreements. Snape grass takes seventy minutes to fully grow and provides the following Farming experience; 82 XP for planting along with 82 XP for cropping. With the introduction of Snape grass seeds, Snape yard would be removed from the Problem Zone reward shop.

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